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Word 2013 - Intermediate
Last revised: August 10, 2014


Instructor's Notes  
Unit 1 YouTube Videos
Notes covering inserting clip-art, inserting other graphics types, WordArt, and special symbols
Unit 2 YouTube Videos
Notes covering tab customization
Templates, Themes, Table of Contents
Tutorial 2 APA Addendum
Unit 3 YouTube Videos
Notes covering how to create and use templates, customize themes and create a table of contents.
Book addendum covering the APA research paper style. Additional reading for Unit 3
Unit 4 YouTube Videos
Notes covering how to merge data files with Word documents, including mail labels and fill-in fields.
Unit 5 YouTube Videos
Notes covering how to create and run Word macros

Graphics Assignment Unit 1: Graphics
Tabs Assignment Unit 2: Tabs
Templates Assignment Unit 3:  Customization, Templates, Outlines
Merging Assignment Unit 4: Merging
Macros Assignment Unit 5: Macros

Manipulating Graphics
Notes on how to use Paint.NET to modify clip art and pictures.
Student Files
Data files for all five units, stored in zip files.>
How to Download Student Files How to download and extract (unzip) student files.
How to Compress Assignment Files How to use Windows to compress multiple assignment files into one Zip file.

Additional Resources  
http://www.mvps.org/word/ Tons of Word tips for beginning and advanced users

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