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Web Programming
Last revised: March 30, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Web Concepts
       PowerPoint Presentation
Unit 1 YouTube Videos
Unit 1: Basic HTML
Creating Web Pages
Unit 2 YouTube Videos
Unit 2: HTML basics including paragraphs, lists and images.
Cascading Style Sheets
Unit 3 YouTube Videos
Unit 3: How to format web pages using Cascading Style Sheets in HTML.
Creating Websites
Unit 4 YouTube Videos
Unit 4: Organizing your website and linking its pages.
Tables (HTML)
Unit 5 YouTube Videos
Unit 5: How to create tables using HTML. Includes merging cells and embedded tables.
HTML Forms
Unit 6 YouTube Videos
Unit 6: How to gather data from a user using a web form
Using <div> For Layout How to use <div> tags (instead of tables) for form layout.
Expression Web
Unit 7 YouTube Videos
Unit 7: Using Expression Web to create websites
Expression Web Tables
Unit 7 YouTube Videos
Unit 7: Using Expression Web to create tables
JavaScript Basics
Unit 8 YouTube Videos
Unit 8: Basic JavaScript Concepts 
JavaScript Functions
Unit 9 YouTube Videos
Unit 9: Creating and calling functions and methods in JavaScript
JavaScript Validation
Unit 10 YouTube Videos
Unit 10: Using JavaScript to validate form inputs
Regular Expressions
Unit 11 YouTube Videos
Unit 11: How to use regular expressions in JavaScript to validate user entries
JavaScript Arrays
Unit 12 YouTube Videos
Unit 12: Declaring and using arrays in JavaScript
jQuery Basics
Unit 13 YouTube Videos
Unit 13: Basics of incorporating jQuery into your website
Image Manipulation
Image Manipulation Video
How to change existing images: format, size, cropping, transparency. Demo using Paint.Net

Due Date Policies Policies regarding assignment due dates, NQA coupons, updates and tickets
Tickets Short assignments due at beginning of next class period.
PortableApps Lab Lab to create PortableApps USB drive that will be used to create HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
HTML Basics Unit 2: First assignment to create HTML Help pages.
Formatting with CSS Unit 3: Formatting HTML Help pages using CSS.
Creating Websites Unit 4: Creating multi-page, well organized websites (Help site).
HTML Tables Unit 5: Assignment to create tables using HTML
Web Forms Unit 6: Assignment to create a basic web form.
Firefox Firebug Lab
     Firebug Lab HTML (zipped)
     Recorded Firebug Lecture
Unit 8: Lab demonstrating how to use the Firefox Firebug addon to help debug JavaScript
JavaScript Basics
        Assignment Starter
Unit 8: Assignment to demonstrate basic JavaScript control structures
JavaScript Functions
     Bar Graph Images
Unit 9: Writing and incorporating JavaScript functions
JavaScript Validation
     Assignment Starter Form
Unit 10: Assignment to use JavaScript  to validate an HTML form.
Validating using Regular Expressions Unit 11: Using of regular expressions to validate strings
JavaScript Arrays Unit 12: Modifying the functions assignment to implement arrays.
jQuery Basics Unit 13: jQuery assignment

Evaluation Sheets Evaluate your own assignments before turning them in.
HTML Basics Evaluation sheet for the HTML Basics assignment
Formatting with CSS Evaluation sheet for the CSS assignment
Creating Websites Evaluation sheet for the websites assignment
HTML Tables Evaluation sheet for the HTML tables project.
Web Forms Evaluation sheet for the Web Forms project.
JavaScript Validation Evaluation sheet for the JavaScript Validation project.
JavaScript Arrays Evaluation sheet for the JavaScript Arrays project.
jQuery Basics Evaluation sheet for the jQuery Basics project.

Installing PortableApps XAMPP and MySQL Instructions and tips for adding XAMPP and MySQL to a PortableApps USB drive
Volker's JavaScript Tools Commonly used tools help solve your homework problems.
HTML 5 Standards Standards to be used for XHTML development in this class.
W3C         HTML 5 Validator W3C website that scans your XHTML file to ensure it complies with the standard
CSS 2.1 Validator W3C website that scans your CSS file to ensure it complies with the standard
Image Manipulation How to change existing images: format, size, cropping, transparency.  Demo using Paint.NET.
HTML5 Inputs Test See how the new HTML5 input types render in your browser.

Programming Tips  
DevDocs Website with consolidated documentation for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and more.
Code Academy Website with (completely) free lessons for HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and more.
Code School Website with lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, iOS, Objective-C, and more. Some are free. All courses available for $29/month.
Develop PHP Website Everything you ever wanted to know about HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
About.com JavaScript A ton of useful code samples
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Other Tips  
HTML Color Information Complete information on specifying colors in HTML (and a whole lot more).
http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ List of HTML tags and tips for how to use them
http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/ Tons of web design tips
http://www.pageresource.com Tutorials for HTML, JavaScript and web design

Web Servers / Hosts  
Links to sites that offer free web hosting.
www.fatcow.com FatCow is the site I use to host this website. It's not free though. It costs about $9 a month. That's not a lot to pay for unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, no ads, and your own URL (www.volkergaul.com)
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