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Web Data Management
Last revised: April 19, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Unit 1: Web Client / Server Concepts
Unit 1 YouTube Videos
Background required to create PHP & MySQL based web sites
Installing XAMPP and MySQL Notes for how to install XAMPP and MySQL in PortableApps (converting to lab)
Unit 2: PHP Sequential Processing
Unit 2 YouTube Videos
PHP syntax to accomplish sequential processing tasks.
Unit 3: The MVC Pattern
Unit 3 YouTube Videos
     MVC PowerPoint
How to use the MVC (model, view, controller) pattern to develop web sites.
(PowerPoint) Download this file to your computer and then view.
Unit 4: Functions and Include Files
Unit 4 YouTube Videos
How to write your own PHP functions and retrieve/include them from PHP libraries
Unit 5: PHP Control Structures and Arrays
Unit 5 YouTube Videos
PHP syntax to implement decision and repetition processing (includes arrays)
Unit 6: MVC Database Access
Unit 6 YouTube Videos
           In-Class Steps
How access a MySQL database using the MVC technique
Handy guide for developing a CRUD database app
Unit 7: Session Variables and Login Screens
Unit 7 YouTube Videos
How to use session variables to save data between browser "sessions". How to create a login screen to restrict access to your website.

Recorded Lectures
No recorded lectures available at this time. ;

Due Date Policies Policies regarding assignment due dates, NQA coupons, updates and tickets
Tickets Mini-assignments due before the next class period.
Unit 2 - PHP Sequential Processing Syntax Version 1 of the Tip Calculator web application
Unit 3 - MVC Basics Create a basic MVC pattern web site
Unit 4 - Functions and Include Files Version 2 of the Tip Calculator web application that incorporates functions.
Unit 5 - Control Structures and Arrays Version 3 of the Tip Calculator web application
Unit 6 - PDO and MVC
            Assignment Starter Files
Create a complete web site that provides complete CRUD processing following the MVC model.
Unit 7 - Session Variables and Login Screens Use a mini-website to demonstrate login screens and session variables
Update the Unit 6 assignment to include a login screen and session variable

Evaluation Sheets Evaluate your own programs before turning them in.
Unit 3 - MVC Evaluation sheet for the Unit 3 project
Unit 5 - Control Structures, Arrays, Validation Evaluation sheet for the Unit 5 project
Unit 6 - MVC and PDO Evaluation sheet for the Unit 6 Student-Selected project
Unit 6 - MVC and PDO Red Cross Evaluation sheet for the Unit 6 Red Cross project
Unit 7 - Session Variables & Login Screens Evaluation sheet for the Unit 7 project

Image Manipulation
Image Manipulation Video
How to change existing images: format, size, cropping, transparency. Demo using Paint.Net
CSS 2.1 Validator W3C web site that scans your CSS file to ensure it complies with the standard
Eclipse and PHP
      Download Eclipse for PHP
How to use and configure Eclipse to create and debug PHP pages.

Programming Tips  
DevDocs Website with consolidated documentation for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery and more.
Code Academy Website with (completely) free lessons for HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and more.
Code School Website with lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, iOS, Objective-C, and more. Some are free. All courses available for $29/month.
Develop PHP Website Everything you ever wanted to know about HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Includes a complete list PHP functions!
About.com JavaScript A ton of useful code samples
Sign up for the free, weekly JavaScript newsletter

Web Servers / Hosts  
Charter Communications
Links to sites that offer free web hosting.
www.fatcow.com FatCow is the site I use to host this web site. It's not free though. It costs about $5 a month. That's not a lot to pay for unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, no ads, and your own URL (www.volkergaul.com).
MSTC Stevens Point