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Systems Implementation
Last revised: January 6, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Volker's 10-Steps for Database Design How to design databases (without all the technical jargon).
Data Dictionary Template Word template for database data dictionary

Recorded Lectures
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Due Date Policies Policies regarding assignment due dates, NQA coupons, updates and tickets
Tickets Daily mini-assignments required to get into the next class period.
Job Search Assignment to locate 3 job openings and document the requirements for those.
Core Abilities Self-Evaluation Form
Form used in class to allow students to evaluate their abilities to work productively, focus on quality, learn effectively, communicate clearly, work cooperatively, act with integrity, think critically, apply technology and demonstrate global awareness.
Git Overview Lab Learn the basics of version management using Git.

Evaluation Sheets Evaluate your own assignments before turning them in.
  Evaluation sheet for  assignment

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