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Systems Analysis
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Instructor's Notes  
Unit 1 SDLC Overview
Unit 2  
Unit 3  
Unit 4  
Unit 5  

SQL Instructor's Notes  
SQL 1: Creating and Populating Database Tables
SQL 1 YouTube Videos
Notes on how to create new tables, delete tables, populate tables, delete records, update records, and view records using SQL.
SQL 2: Single Table Queries
SQL 2 YouTube Videos
Basics of SQL queries using the SELECT command. Covers the WHERE clause, ORDER BY clause, GROUP BY clause and calculated fields.
SQL 3: Multi-Table Queries
SQL 3 YouTube Videos
Advanced SQL queries to combine data from multiple tables. Includes discussions of Joins, subqueries, self joins, UNION, INTERSECT, MINUS.
SQL 4: Updating Database Structure and Data
SQL 4 YouTube Videos
SQL queries to change existing data in a database and to change the structure of existing tables.

Tickets Brief assignments due before the beginning of the next class period. chapter
Unit 1 Worksheet Worksheet for the SDLC Overview chapter
Unit 2 Worksheet Worksheet for the Software Sources chapter
Unit 3 Worksheet Worksheet for the Project Planning chapter
Unit 3 Project Management Basics Lab Planning the Laundry Project Task List
Unit 4 Worksheet Worksheet for the Agile Basics chapter
Unit 5 Dojo Project Planning Assignment to begin the Agile planning process for the Dojo project.
Unit 6 Dojo User Stories Assignment to create the Dojo project user stories.

SQL Assignments  
PortableApps, XAMPP, MySQL Browser Lab Lab that guides you through the installation of PortableApps, XAMMP, and MySQL Browser; the tools we'll use to learn and practice SQL commands.
Lab 1 - Creating Tables Lab to experiment with creating and populating tables.
SQL 1: Build and Populate Assignment to create databases, tables and records.
SQL 2: Single Table Queries
       Master Files
       Result Set Key
Assignment related to Chapter 4 in the text (Single Table Queries)
MySQL Master Files for assignments. Use Workbench to import into server.
Compare your query results to mine.
SQL 3: Multi-Table Queries
       Result Set Key
Assignment related to Chapter 5 in the text (Multiple-Table Queries)
Compare your query results to mine.
SQL 4: Updating Structure and Data Assignment related to Chapter 6 in the text (Updating Data)

Evaluation Sheets Evaluate your own assignments before turning them in.
Unit 1  
Unit 2  
Unit 3  
Unit 4  
Unit 5  

Additional Resources  
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