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Introductory iOS Development
Last revised: March 26, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Unit 1: iOS Development Environment
Unit 1 YouTube Videos
How to install and configure Xcode for iOS development.
Unit 2: Swift Syntax
Unit 2: Swift Function Syntax
Unit 2 YouTube Videos
How to do sequential, decision and repetition processing in Swift. Includes string processing and arrays.
Unit 3: Swift Classes
Unit 3 YouTube Videos
General information on how to send messages to built-in classes. How to create your own Objective-C classes.  Brief overview of functions.
Unit 4: Let's Get Graphical
Unit 4 YouTube Videos
How layout an app screen;  how to set item properties; how to create event handlers; how to reference screen objects
Unit 5: Master-Detail Applications
Unit 5 YouTube Videos
How to create an app that starts with a TableView of choices and displays details when a choice is selected.
Unit 6: Core Data Applications
Unit 6 YouTube Videos
How to use Core Data in a Master/Detail app to store and edit persistent data

Due Date Policies Policies regarding assignment due dates, NQA coupons, updates and tickets
Unit 2: Basic Swift Syntax Lab to practice basic Swift syntax and arrays
Unit 3: Swift Classes Lab to create and instantiate a class. Also requires function development.
Unit 4: Let's Get Graphical Lab to develop your first iOS app with a GUI
Unit 5: Master-Detail App Lab to develop a list management app.
Unit 6: Core Data Lab to develop a Master/Detail Core Data app

Evaluation Sheets Evaluate your own programs before turning them in.
Unit 2: Basic Swift Syntax Evaluation Sheet for Unit 2 lab
Unit 3: Objective-C Functions and Classes Evaluation Sheet for Unit 3 lab
Unit 4: Let's Get Graphical - Passwords Evaluation Sheet for Unit 4 lab - Passwords version
Unit 4: Let's Get Graphical - Student-Select Evaluation Sheet for Unit 4 lab - Student-Selected project
Unit 5: Master-Detail Apps (Part 1) Evaluation Sheet for Master-Detail lab - Part 1
Unit 5: Master-Detail Apps (Part 2) Evaluation Sheet for Master-Detail lab - Part 2
Unit 6: Core Data Evaluation Sheet for Unit 6 lab - Core Data

Unit 2: Objective-C Syntax Archived notes on Objective-C (Unit 2)
MacInCloud Basics How to subscribe to MacInCloud and use it to develop iOS code from any PC.
Code Academy Website with (completely) free lessons for HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP and more.
Code School Website with lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, iOS, Objective-C, and more. Some are free. All courses available for $29/month.
Pic2Icon Online Icon Generator Create an iOS 7 icon from an existing image using completely web-based software.

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