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Introductory Mobile Application Development
Last revised: December 7, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Creating and Configuring an Android Development Environment How to configure the JDK, Android Studio, Android SDK and a mobile device for development.
Unit 2: Java Syntax
     Part 1 - Basic Syntax
      Java Syntax Part 1 YouTube Videos
     Part 2 - Built-In Classes (Expanded Version)
      Java Syntax Part 2 YouTube Videos
     Part 3 - Problem Domain Classes
      Java Syntax Part 3 YouTube Videos
     Part 4 - Problem Domain Class Techniques
      Java Syntax Part 4 YouTube Videos
Review of Java syntax and program development.
Unit 3: Android Screen Layouts
Using screen layouts to configure an Android screen page.
Unit 4: Basic Run-Time Processing
Getting text input, displaying text output, handling button clicks.
Unit 4: Creating Event Handlers
Three different (though similar) ways to create event handlers (listeners) in Android Java
Unit 5: Debugging, Text Files, Images, Menus
Unit 5 YouTube Videos
Android debugging tips; Reading text files; Working with images (application icon, ImageView); Using the Options Menu and the Action Bar.
Unit 6: Responding to Gestures, Retaining Screen State
Unit 6 YouTube Videos
How to respond to gestures such as taps and flings. How to retain app state when the screen is rotated. How to apply animate to Activity Views.
Unit 7: ListViews
Unit 7 YouTube Videos
How to configure and use ListViews, Spinners and AutoCompleteTextViews
Unit 8: Multi-Activity Apps
Unit 8 YouTube Videos
How to start a new Activity from the current one and share data between them.
Unit 9: XML Files
Unit 9 YouTube Videos
How to parse XML files and access files on the web
Dialog Views and Private Files
Unit ? YouTube Videos
How to create and process custom dialog boxes. How to write to and read from private application files.
Android Canvas How to use the Android Canvas class to draw your own objects on the screen and sense where the user has touched.
Volker's Android Journal How to solve common Android SDK, AVD, Java problems.
Using ArrayLists Supplemental notes on those handy ArrayLists

Due Date Policies Policies regarding assignment due dates, NQA coupons, updates and tickets
Tickets Periodic mini-assignments required to get into the next class period.
Lab 1: Android Development Environment Lab to create and configure the Android development environment on your computer.
Lab 2: Java Review - Part 1 Loan Payment App (Java only)
Lab 2: Java Review - Part 2 Loan Payment App (with Problem Domain)
Lab 3: GUI Validation Lab demonstrating various Android screen layouts
Lab 5: Debugging, Text Files, Images, Menus
Gallery app
Lab 6: Responding to Gestures, Retaining Screen State
Enhanced Gallery app
Lab 7: ListViews Displaying lists in a customized ListView.
Lab 8: Multi-Activity Apps Lab to demonstrate multi-Activity project
Lab 9: XML Files Lab to read XML files.

USB Drivers Locate and download Windows USB drivers for your Android device.
Paint.Net Powerful, FREE drawing program for editing and resizing images
Image Manipulation How to change existing images: format, size, cropping, transparency.  Demo using Paint.NET.

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