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Implementing PC Security
Last revised: March 26, 2015


Instructor's Notes  
Unit 1 - Terminology Instructors notes for intro to information security terminology
Unit 2 - Securing Data Instructors notes for securing your all-important data
Unit 3 - Securing Your Identity Instructors notes for how to keep your identity safe
Unit 4 - Malware Protection  Instructors notes for the different kinds of malware out and how to avoid it.
Unit 5 - Backing Up and Recovering Data Instructors notes for how to recover lost files and from virus infections.
Unit 6 - Internet and Email Security
     Internet Zone Security Settings
Instructors notes for how to secure your browser and email programs, and how to surf safely. What changes with each security zone level.
Unit 7 - Wireless Security (Not required--dated) Instructors notes for how to configure a typical wireless router
Unit 8 - Organizational Security (Not required) Instructors notes for how to be a security-aware employee

Unit 1 - Terminology PowerPoint presentation for information security terminology
Unit 2 - Securing Data PowerPoint presentation for securing data
Unit 3 - Internet and Email Security PowerPoint presentation for Internet and Email Security
Unit 4 - Organizational Security PowerPoint presentation for organizational security (security policies)

Recorded Lectures
No recorded lectures available at this time. ;

Tickets Mini-assignments required to get into the next class period.
Article Reviews Weekly article reviews assignment description
Security Tool Research
    Tool Research Reserved Topics
    Presentation Schedule
Research on a student-selected security tool
See Blackboard to reserve your topic and presentation time.
Unit 1 - Terminology & Virtual PC
Home Security Shields Unit 1: Assignment to create a home security shield list

Unit 1 - Terminology
Personal Information on the Web Unit 1: Lab to discover what others can learn about you on the web
Virtual Machines
       Download VMWare Workstation
      Installing VMware Workstand and
           Creating a Virtual Machine
Unit 1: How to install and configure a virtual machine using VMware. This program allows you to test security programs without affecting your primary PC.
Configuring a Virtual Machine and
    Creating Virtual Machine Snapshots

Unit 1: Using snapshots to allow you to rewind a virtual machine back to a previous state.
Windows Updates
Unit 1: Take the first step to securing your PC
Unit 2 - Securing Data
Creating Secure Passwords
     Stop Watch Program
Unit 2: Using Cain to evaluate how simple a password might be to crack.
       Program to time how long it takes to crack a password.
Password Vaults
Unit 2: Using LastPass to store passwords and create hard to crack passwords.
     Lab Files
Unit 2: Using HIP to hide confidential files in pictures.
Encrypting Files & Folders Unit 2: Installing and configuring file encryption software
Unit 3 - Securing Your Identity
Phishing Practice Unit 3: Check your ability to detect phishing Emails
Free Credit History
Unit 3: Optional Lab
How to get your free credit report(s)
Unit 4 - Malware Protection
Unit 4: Comparing free anti-virus programs.
Anti-Spyware Microsoft Defender
Unit 4 Installing and configuring Microsoft Defender
Unit 5 - Backing Up & Recovering Data
Windows Backup
     Sample Files Folder
Unit 5: How to use Windows built-in Backup program to secure your valuable files.
Windows System Restore Unit 5: Experimenting with and researching the features of Windows System Restore
Recovering Locked PCs
Unit 5: Using a password removal tool to regain access to a locked PC.
Unit 6 - Securing Browsers & Email
Securing Browsers
     Unit 6 Starting Favorites
Unit 6: Investigating the effects of various browser security settings
Configuring Outlook
Unit 6: How to configure MS Outlook to unblock attachments with certain extensions and filter spam.

Security Links  
SearchSecurity A comprehensive site of security information, including links to different categories of information security.

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