Due Date Policies

No Questions Asked (NQA) Coupons

NQA coupon

At the beginning of the semester I will give each student two (2) NQA coupons. Students will be able to earn a limited number (1-2) of additional coupons throughout the semester by attending outside of class activities.

On an assignment's due date you may turn in an NQA coupon to avoid the penalties of a late assignment. You may then turn the assignment on any date before the end of the semester without penalty. Write your name and the assignment's name on the back of the coupon before submitting it.

If you are unable to attend school when you wish to submit an NQA coupon, you must email me on the due date telling me your intention to submit the NQA coupon on the next school date and then give it to me on the next available date. You must email me on the due date.

You may not submit more NQA coupons than you have earned. You may not give/take NQA coupons to/from other students.

Using the Blackboard grade book, I will document the coupons you have submitted.

If you have unused coupons at the end of the semester, you may turn them in for 4 extra credit points each.

You are responsible for securing your NQA coupons. I will not replace lost NQA coupons.

Extra Credit

On many assignments, I offer extra credit or "challenge" points. You must submit an assignment on or before its due date to be eligible for extra credit/challenge points. Using an NQA coupon does not restore this eligibility.

Assignment Updates

Updates to assignments do not have due dates--you may submit them any time before the end of the semester. If the original submission was late, penalties will still be assessed after the final grading is complete. Updates are supposed to help you learn from your mistakes and prevent you from making them in future programs. I recommend you submit your updates within a week of receiving the assignment evaluation.


Tickets are "mini"-assignments that I will assign throughout the semester. They are usually worth 1 or 2 points. Tickets are always due before the beginning of the next class period. I will not accept late tickets, except in extreme circumstances. NQA coupons may not be used for tickets (not strategically wise anyway).

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